Thursday, August 31, 2006

Fighting Radio Attempts At Intimidation

Two radios were blaring in my kitchen when I returned home around 11 pm last night, the one I leave on while I am gone and a second one to show someone had been in the house.

All the locks were changed, no one else has keys. The burglar alarm was set, no complaints about the alarm going off.

The Goons are compelled to leave signs proving they have invaded the house as part of their sick attempts at intimidation. Their illness involves trying to make you feel you are powerless to stop them, engender helplessness, etc. Can you imagine thinking this sort of thing is cool? Where do they get people to do this stuff?

Reminds me of the warped descriptions showing on
CNN this week of the Jeffs' cults. Same perverted manipulation and control mind games.

The silver ware and other valuables are left untouched. To date, only business assets and personal items have been taken or damaged.

The software and notes have not been returned.

Wonder if they'll have the courage to begin to comment on these postings? People involved in this sort of activity are spineless cowards.


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