Friday, September 01, 2006

Key Loggers & Intentional Typos

Isolating targets, strangling their finances, disrupting their business telephone and internet communications are prime Goon goals. Since some Goons are prominent members of the community who don't want to be exposed, they don't want to leave proof or corroboration of their antics. So they prefer covert, cowardly means to commit their crimes, and they worship the Gods of Dirty Tricks.

The perfect crime leaves no trace a crime was ever even committed.

We've not been receiving the regular emails several of our professional organizations routinely send. This evening discovered why. Numerous intentional typos had been inserted in our contact mailing and email address with several of these organizations. Or we'd been inexplicably opted out of the mailings.

Keyboard loggers that allow bosses and parents to monitor their children's and employees' internet activities are widely and inexpensively available. Slip them on your target's PCs and you have access to all their passwords and a complete listing of their internet activities.

Then it's a simple matter to go into the targets' contact pages and place intentional typos where they will do the most harm. Goons always shy away from verifiable, overt sorts of sabotage, they prefer to make the errors appear like legitimate finger faults.

Only they're not. If you run for months or years with no problems and then suddenly discover a rash of unexplained typos that stop or stifle your business communications, the Goons have been at work. The more sophisticated keyboard loggers are hard to detect. Your best bet is to back up your PC, reformat your hard drive and start over clean.

If you are not able to maintain absolute physical security the Goons will quickly invade your offices and vehicles again to reinstall the keyboard loggers. Using web access and public PCs in libraries can help for a while. It's a different way of doing business that provides unexpected benefits.

There are always unexpected blessings in the bad breaks the Goons try to create. Finding and enjoying those blessings defeats and amazes the Goons.


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