Friday, September 01, 2006

September 1st

Front Door Unlocked - Friday, September 1st

This morning my front door was unlocked when I returned home around 9:30 am. This is a favorite Goon trick, they have done it before. They like to show they can invade my home whenever they wish. My neighbors across the street are gone for Labor Day weekend. It's a quiet, low crime street. No one would suspect someone strolling up to knock on the front door and surrupticiously unlocking the door.

And NO, I did not leave it unlocked myself!

Earphones stolen From Vehicle - Friday September 1st

I normally keep several 5-6 pairs of cheap, $2 Delta Airline earphones in the door pockets of my van to use when I watch TV on the treadmills at when I exercise at the YMCA. They had all been removed from my van. It's been several days since I've looked for them, I don't know exactly when they disappeared.

The Geek Goons that do this petty pilfery LOVE the velcro ties I use to keep the wires neat on my computer equipment. They have stolen them from my home before. Guess the temptation was just too great. Wonder if they wanted the earphones or the ties.


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