Saturday, September 02, 2006

Saturday, September 2nd

"Everything happens for a reason, you may not realize what it is at the time. Report everything, let other people decide what's relevant or not." These are the instructions from my new security advisor.

This morning when I walked into McDonald's at 7:50 am a couple of my Goon neighbors were sitting at the table next to my usual spot dressed to the nines. They are elderly and retired, one wonders why they'd be there so early in the morning dressed that way. A Goon consort was sitting behind them to observe the action.

This was the same neighbor who banged on my front door one morning, barged into my living room to tell me that I if I continued my opposition to the area's traffic calming measures I would "get hurt." The traffic calming measure constricts major arteries making it hard for buses, garbage trucks and postal people do to their jobs. Fire, police and EMS service are also jeopardized. I helped organize petitions against it.

The traffic calming measures were forced through my next door neighbor who had the fire, who I'll call AIA (for awfully Inadequate Architect) from now on. Major misrepresentations about this multi million dollar traffic calming project had to be removed from our neighborhood association website because of falsehoods.

Goons are always their own worst enemy. A large, upscale senior retirement complex is planned for our neighborhood by a company owned by one of our US Senators. The traffic calming curbing is already badly scuffed and damaged by cars hitting them after only a few months. One wonders about the wisdom of installing road hazards to slow traffic.

If the traffic calming measures were meant to make the area more attractive to upscale seniors, it did the exact opposite. It's made our roadways hazardous and very unattractive. Residents refuse to weed the bulb outs because they are so furious about what happened. It's ugly, unsafe and unpopular.

Back to today. Goons love theatrics and street theater. It's one of the means they use to plant suggestions and to manipulate appearances. They also use drama to steal your time, attention and spiritual well-being. Once you understand who they are and what they are doing, you can simply decide not to play. They try to provoke a reaction that can be used against you.

I mumbled a soft good morning and ignored all three of them. Perhaps this sort of performance makes them feel important, like they have some worthwhile role or game to play. How sad they have so little in their lives that hurting innocent people is attractive. What a way to end your senior years!


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