Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Snoopers, Poopers & Exterior Door Holes

Locksmiths tell you to fill vulnerable exterior door keyholes with epoxy or super glue to keep them from being picked. My new security advisor suggests plaster of paris, spackle or plumbers putty, something that can be removed by boiling the lock in hot water if situations ever change.

I filled all the back entryway door locks as he suggested. We imagine the garage door lock was being picked, that was one place of entry. So were the back deck doors.

The exhusband of my other next door neighbor lives in her basement apartment. The poor man is chronically unemployed or underemployed. He had been extraordinarily friendly, almost acting like he was trying to come on, I couldn't understand why. I put a note on my back deck door with this name on it saying _______ you Jerk, stop snooping and pooping in my house!

Within 18 hours he started acting strangely and couldn't look me straight in the eye. He avoided me completely for three months.

He would have had to walk out his basement door, cross the full length of my back patio, climb up a full flight of my deck stairs, cross over my deck and open my back screen door to break into my house to read that note! He sure acted like that is exactly what he did.

The low life jerk gave himself away as a perp, petty thief and paid snoop. Goons always screw themselves, they don't need any help from the outside. He wouldn't have the smarts, interest or resources to do such a thing without someone pushing and renumerating him in some way.

The question is who and why? Who wants to hurt my happiness mission and business? Both of his parents worked for the Department of Defense, I certainly hope our government has better things to do than harass me! ;-)


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