Wednesday, September 06, 2006

September 6th

Ha! At least one pair of the Delta earphones were returned, minus the velcro ties. They were pushed through the openings in the truck windows.

I've been warned not to let my guard down when things are quiet. They try to lull you into complacency to set you up as an easier target. Things are almost too quiet now. The FrontPage software has not reappeared.

Four of my calls to Southern Bell were disconnected today, very unusual. I was calling on a payphone trying to get telephone service to my home restored. We expect problems.

My gut tells me all my cellphone calls are monitored, when they don't like what I'm doing the cut them off or put up static. They only time I have disconnects or static is when I do something the Goons don't like.... that means anything that furthers my business.

The Goon who threatened me said, they will slowly strangle you and drive you out of your mind, out of your life and your business. It's all very similar to the Nazi soliloquy. What sort of twisted minds get joy this way?


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