Thursday, September 07, 2006

Moving Mario !

Small thing perhaps, I've been asked to report everything. I'll add entertaining photos one of these days too!

Tonight (Wednesday 9-6-06) I noticed that the bright green Super Mario Happy Meal toy I had attached to windshield's rear view mirror was lying in the back of the van. It hung happily where it was for weeks, I did not move it. The Goons want me to know they have invaded the van again. Keyless entry is insecure.

A number of other people facing similar problems report the same phenomena. The Goons like to move personal items around to harass you and to try to make you feel powerless. Items you store in your trunk inexplicably end up in your house, files disappear at crucial times and mysteriously reappear when they are no longer needed.

The first few times this happens you doubt yourself. Once it becomes a consistent pattern you realize it's not you. If you complain about it you will appear nuts. Again, they are showing their goals. They want to make you appear deranged and disorganized to discredit you.

The key is to turn all the bad things they do into blessings. Remember, they are very stupid, inadequate and incompetent. What sort of person in their right mind would waste their lives doing such senseless things? Pity the poor Goons, they bring all their unhappiness on themselves.


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