Friday, January 26, 2007

S.E.C. Letter Escalated Harassment

Warning- This blog has been hacked and some of the postings are now corrupted. The basic facts have been retained, the wording has been changed and typos added.

In March 2005 I wrote a confidential letter to the S.E.C. outlining concerns about my previous employer's accounting practices. I had performed senior level consulting and process improvement my last ten years with them.

My previous employer issued a press announcement spring 2005 saying the S.E.C. was initiating a major investigation into their accounting systems. I wrote to the S.E.C. detailing problems that were broader than what had been reported in the press. I did not know I was being watched at the time I wrote that confidential letter.

The harassment and bizarre incidents escalated dramatically right after I wrote the first letter to the SEC in March, 2005.

The one man I would have gone to for help pursuing the case mysteriously committed suicide in May, 2005. No one could believe he did it. I wrote another confidential letter to the S.E.C. in May, 2005 raising concerns about his death in relation to their investigation of my previous employer.

As part of my job responsibilities I'd come across a major centralized telephone accounting that was a leaky as a sieve and whose problems had been hidden from senior management. I'd been set up and rif'd to protect the people responsible for it.

Lots of bad bizarre weird things started to happen. I'd searched for a private detective firm to help with the incidents and found the larger ones advertised that they "treated" whistle blowers.

I believe I have been "treated" to prevent the story from surfacing and in retaliation for writing the letters to the S.E.C. describing the problems that had been hidden from senior management with that centralized telephone accounting system and raising concerns about the death of my coworker.

While the statue of limitations for many of the original accounting problems may have expired, for murder and the other retaliatory actions it has not.

My ex-employer would have gone to one of their defense contractor customers for assistance with the case and with "treating" me.

The defense contractor connection explains the slick, sophisticated technology they are using and why my jewelry and silverware have been left untouched. My ex employer is a major bank holding company, hence the friendly relationships with law enforcement.

It also explains the emphasis on discrediting me personally. If they could do that successfully, anything I say about the case and the death of my co worker would be discounted.

Google "Russell Tice" to see how U.S. Government handles similar concerns. People put in bad, bizarre situations who report them honestly are often disparaged. Honest, responsible messengers get shot.

What's it worth to a senior executive at one of the nation's largest banks to keep damaging publicity from hitting the press? A couple of lives and a couple of hundred thousand dollars? That's probably what they spent to "treat" us.

Senior management at my previous employer has recently changed. Hopefully the new management will see the wisdom in stopping the harassment and covering the damages these criminal activities have caused.


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