Monday, December 04, 2006

Yikes! Goon Spikes!

Sunday I discovered a large heavy spike had been nailed into the side of my driveway and concealed with leaves. It was nailed in very securely and positioned so that it would tear my tire apart if I drove up my driveway.

It was sprayed bright orange like it was meant to be a surveyors mark. Under the leaves it was invisible. It was not on the property line but way inside toward my house.

The spike was adjacent to the next doore lot where AIA's house sat for a year in a burned out state. Now AIA's former partner's son was slowly beginning to build a new 4,000 square foot home on the site. His workmen park in front of my home which means I have to turn into my driveway at a difficult angle.

AIA's (the Awfully Inadequate Architect) house burned the day after they left for a three week trip to the Far East, their employees handled all the details with the fire inspectors. He and his wife are close friends of PeePee the poor public speaker, see my earlier postings.

Interestingly, two surveyors showed up while I was at home today. I asked them about the spike.

"Highly irregular" he said when he saw the spike coming out of the concrete. "We're here to lay out the foundations, we didn't do that and we wouldn't do that!" He sais it appeared that another surveyor may have been working on the site.

"That's dangerous, that's not the way it's usually done," he commented handing me his business card.

The fire next door of indeterminate origins, the burned house left in ruins for over a year, the continual break into my home, now this.

For twenty-five years my garage door worked fine with no problems. I had an automatic garage door opener, I'd go down my basement stairs, jump in my car and head out with no difficulties.

After the fire, when I was NOT living in the house or using the garage door at all, THE GARAAGE DOOR WAS REPEATEDLY TORN OFF ITS TRACKS! It happened so many times, it finally became inoperable.

Why? The locks on the doors in the back of the


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