Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Vanishing Voice Mail Destroys Business!

This Security Vulnerability Affects Everone Who Relies On Voice Mail - If your business or life depends on voice mail, you are at risk!

The Goons said they would strangle my business, this morning I watched them delete All my Home Office Voice Mail.

This can happen to you, most Bell residential central system telephone systems work the same. Anyone who has access to your home telephone can hit *98 to hear your Voice Mail Password.

Then they call your telephone number from any other telephone and hit * Star when your Voice Mail Message comes on and enter your Voice Mail password. This allows them to listen to and/or delete your Voice Mail just as if you were doing it yourself.

This is what happened this morning. When I returned home this morning I heard the Voice Mail Waiting Beeps on my home telephone number when I made a hurried telephone call. I decided to get a cup of tea and get organized before I sat down to retrieve my voice mail messages and begin my business day.

When the telephone rang while I was in another room, Caller Id showed an unfamiliar number so I let it roll to voice mail. Later when I went to retrieve my voice mail, everything was gone. When I called 678-783-1160, the telephone number that had called me back, a recorded message said it was disconnected!

Crime rings are easily able to spoof Caller Ids, it's one of the ways they use to cover their tracks. Who know how much business I've lost as a result of this ploy. It's a vulernability we all face in a world that relies on telephone and digital communications.


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