Monday, September 11, 2006

Who Are The Goons?

"They will show themselves... " the Goon said during a conversation spring, 2005. "You are caught in a web, you are fighting an organization... "

What did he mean? Whoever is responsible for this harassment is technically sophisticated, well organized and is probably doing it to other people besides me.

There's a large, well known multinational company that is headquartered here that some foreign governments have accused of acting as a cover for CIA activities. Several days later I ran into the retired head of International Operations for this company standing aimlessly in a hallway I was due to travel down. Is this just coincidence or were they trying to say this guy still has access to the grey ops contractors he once was accused of harboring?

Whoever is doing this wants to cast the blame elsewhere and they will probably pretend to be bigger and tougher than they really are. They seem to have an endless stream of fresh bodies to throw into the game which suggests a training facility in town. My guess is Lawrenceville because they keep mentioning that name. Some of my competitors could easily be employed at such a facility.

If so, it would not be inconceivable for them to take contracts to "treat" potential whistleblowers (like me) or other people who threaten large corporate interests. I'd easily fall into that category because of the accounting irregularities I reported in my last big corporate job. Other possible perps with the reason and the resources, the motive and the money have been documented extensively elsewhere.

The one man I would have gone to for support had I wanted make trouble for my former employer died mysteriously right before they announced a major SEC investigation into their accounting systems.

Competitors who want to get control of my company and intellectual property could easily be behind it. There' s been a consistent connection between the perps and people in my business who are positioned to profit from it.

Or perhaps a defense contractor wants to demo what they can do... using covert technology to try to destroy a person's happiness, their life and their business. There may be a big market for that given the hoopla Sarbanes Oxley has caused.

Or maybe the happiness lady was seen as a challenge for someone who wanted to show they could dominate and defeat even the most cheerful, resourceful person. So far, it hasn't worked.


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