Monday, September 11, 2006

Strangling Business...

The Goon they sent said they would slowly strangle my business....

Last Friday afternoon I made warm up calls to several bookstores to get appointments to talk about my book launch this week. I left all the cards and notes from the calls in the van as bait, they all disappeared over the weekend. I expected it and planned for it.

I had an especially hostile reaction from one store I visited this morning, completely out of character for the people and the venue. Again, I expected it and laughed it off, it is good practice. Someone has put the word out to try to make it hard for me.

It may be similar to some of the stunts Microsoft was accused of pulling with their competitors.

Again, we know what's going on, we plan for it and work around it.

The FrontPage web software was finally returned to a pocket that I have searched many times. Their goal is to make you doubt yourself. When that no longer works, then to make you feel invaded, powerless, helpless.

The antics have even extended to corrupting my shampoo and contact lens fluids in an effort to harm my appearance. I tip the people who cut my hair well, I am always very pleasant and I am also very specific about what I want. I usually can get one good cut before someone gets to them.

Strength is perfected through weakness. By playing on my weaknesses they are making me stronger. I am learning lots of very valuable skills to help us rebound and recover. Poor stupid Goons, all the bad things they are doing keep turning into unexpected blessings.

People who hate are never happy, these are some very sick, unhappy people! Pity the poor recruits who are being used to do this. What sort of future do they have to look forward to?


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