Saturday, September 09, 2006

C.C.'s Bizarre Warning Becomes Reality

In May of 2005, a lady I've known for 15 years who I'll call C.C. told me that I needed to move from the attractive little bungalow I bought 25 years ago because there was something in my house that was making me sick. At the time I thought her warning was strange, today I had another instance of what she was talking about.

C.C. was right, there is something noxious in the house. This morning I had my action plans for the day all laid out before I returned home. I was there for less than two hours when a pain hit the back of my head hit and I started to feel disoriented and forgetful. A sense of mindless timelessness set in and I was literally running around in senseless circles. The problem always clears as soon as I leave the house.

Mold perhaps? It is something environmental but what ever it is, it can be turned on and off remotely. When I have people in the house with me, it is not a problem. When contractors were scheduled to visit the burned out house next door, everything was fine. As soon as they left, whatever it is was turned on again.

The Goon they sent to threaten me said my house would "become uninhabitable and that I would have to sleep in a Faraday cage." I thought he was nuts, I had no idea what he meant. C.C. and the Goon were right, some sort of harassment device that can be turned on and off remotely has been placed in my house or is aimed at it that makes staying there uncomfortable and perhaps dangerous.

Last November C.C. left for a long trip back to Atlantic City where she grew up, C.C. did not return. Instead another woman came back with plastic surgery bruises all over her face and took C.C.'s place. She didn't talk like C.C., the rhythm and beat of her speech was different. Her body shape was different, she didn't act or have the same habits or spirit as C.C. It was not C.C.

C.C. is single and alone, like me. There was no one close to her to raise questions about the switch. By now everyone is used to the impostor.

C.C. had a major loss with a large brokerage firm that had a $28 million dollar suit and settlement against them in neighboring city. C.C. sued them and was instigating media coverage for their management lapses. The brokerage firms has the resources and the reason to get her out of the way but since she was well positioned to help them snoop on prominent people, they slid in a ringer. We are taking defensive action to prevent the same thing from happening to me.


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