Sunday, October 01, 2006

Impostors, Inc. - The New Identity Theft

Murder is messy. There are more efficient ways of dealing with problem people, especially when they have assets and a life worth assuming. Here's how it's done...

Isolate the target from their family, social circles and everyone who loves them. Prompting psychological disease has been used for this. Surround the target with your own people. If you can get the target hooked in an intimate relationship, so much the better.

The target is encouraged to go on a long trip or move to another city. You slip your person in to replace them. If anyone notices the difference, will they bother to pursue it? Besides, you have plently of your own people planted there to counter any concerns.

The impostor studies the target carefully, they want the target's life and are eager to assume it. You select an impostor with similar physical characteristics who may get plastic surgery as part of the ploy. They're trading up to a better job and life, it's a great deal for the impostor.

You isolate and estrange the target from their social circles while leaving their business and assets in tact. A traditional identity theft would hurt your efforts, prompting a target's depression and psychological distress advances your plan. When the payoffs are large you can afford to be patient and run the project with a detailed plan. The woman who slide into C.C.'s life (see September 9th) illustrates the process.

A Prominent Perp recently paraded my look alike in front of our congregation, he wanted everyone to know who she was. The impostor had my spiritual energy, enthusiasm and posture. Her hair was cut short to make her look like the photograph on my old business card, only she was 30 years younger than me.

The Pawn Perp they sent to date me kept pushing me to visit his mother in Santa Fe, New Mexico for three weeks. Why three weeks? Three days would have been plenty!

The Goon they sent to threaten me before the fire said they were having a hard time "duplicating my limp." I didn't get what he was talking about until C.C.'s look alike showed up.

There are times when you really hope you are very wrong about what you are seeing and thinking, you'd rather be crazy than right. This is one such time.

The Goons don't want to be exposed and too many people know their plans. They don't trust their leaders, some of whom seem dangerously deranged. They know continuing will be very costly and they know it's not worth the risk.

NewYork counsels, "Trust yourself, your assessment have been right on so far." I reminded him we both have been very right at least 85% of the time. I hope we are both wrong on this one. Or if we are right, that making the scheme public will prompt them to change their plans.


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