Monday, September 25, 2006

Nazi's Gone From Google

David Morell's award winning documentary Young, Nazi and Proud detailing the hate and malice mongering Mark Collet is no longer on the Google link previously posted. It's posting may have raised copyright concerns, we will repost the link if and when we can find one that works. The synopsis and soliloqy pieces are still excellent.

The following is a mundane report of routine internet problems that are not of particular interest except as an example of the sort of regular logs we have kept since 2001. We've encountered unusual problems updating these blog pages this morning.

As we've said before, it's easy to install a keylogger on a target's PC to record their internet activity, passwords, etc. Once you have control of the machine, it's also possible to redirect internet browsing and traffic to spoof sites that mimic the real thing. Our company van has been raided repeated, we wonder if that's what has happened to the laptop we use for internet access.

So this afternoon we went to a public library for internet access. Given the spate of weird problems we wonder if the Geek Goons were showing off that they have hacked into the internet system itself. Here's a detailed description, but more interesting things are posted on earlier dates further down this blog.

We've had a bizarre series of problems with our Amazon book account, the page clearly states to email for problems and corrections. When we did, an autoresponder message came back saying it was an invalid email address and to refer to the page where we began. Our emails to support groups routinely go unanswered.

The Amazon HELP page hung up for 40 minutes and prevented us from reporting the problem!
None of this is routine.

The Goons said they wanted to frustrate us and try to drive us crazy. Stupid Goons, now that we know what they want, we simply won't give it to them. We are developing different, creative ways to defeat and defy them and to trap them in their antics.


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