Saturday, September 23, 2006

Nazi Soliloquy - Hate Group Stalking

Here are links to a program called Young Nazi and Proud. The video, available on Google video, was a British (Channel 4) documentary profiling a young white man named Mark Collett, a stealth neo-Nazi and up and coming activist with the right wing British National Party. (You may need DSL to watch this online.)

A hate group member named Mark, convinced the camera was not on, and being entirely candid about one of the forms his hatred took. He was angry with an ex-girlfriend who disagreed with his politics and he started going on with this little soliloquy:

"I like to break people.
When you've broken them and sucked the last bit of life out of them.

That's it.
Never crush her, never crush her because that doesn't hurt the most.
Just everything she cares about, everything dear to her is crushed.
In a very real way, when people say I am evil, you know what I mean, yeah I am.
But it all depends.

I'm either the sweetest angel or the most evil being you've ever encountered.
It just depends which side you push me.
Never kill people, yeah.
Push them to the point of despair where they do it to themselves because that's when you've really won.
When you've broken them down to the final level and there's nothing worth living for and they do it themselves, There's no blood on your hands then and you've just won."

As distressing and disgusting as his commentary is, it is helpful to have this to refer to.

If you decide to watch the documentary, you should know the little rat gets what's coming to him at the end. Nothing violent, but I assume his career as a stealth Nazi was ruined by it. Here is the link to Channel 4, which discusses the documentary in more detail

Is this what I am facing?


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