Saturday, September 23, 2006

Document Diligently - Dunn's Done

"The Goons will try to do everything they can to strangle your business," commented my mentor in NY who I have dubbed NewYork. "They have told you that, expect it."

"Carefully document everything unusual. If you don't get responses from organizations you try to advertise with, document it. Street theater antics designed to damage your confidence or esteem, record it. Disruptions, invasions, keep track of everything. Get names and addresses, record their connections to others playing the same game. Keep your records secret."

"The Pawn Perps are financially distressed but normal people. They will cave in quickly and easily under pressure. View everything that happens as grist for your mill. The more they try to black ball you, the better your case becomes. You are gaining strength and power, they continually screw up, because, after all, they are Goons."

NewYork came into my life in spring of 2001. On occasion his warnings have been excellent, sometimes he seems to have inside information about what is happening. Other times I don't hear from him for months. Lately our communications have been frequent, but through intermediaries. He is right about 85% of the time. I really value his input and his help.

"They want to discredit you and drive you crazy or appear crazy," was the first comment an acquaintance I'll call Douglas blurted out when I told him what was happening. His contacts overlap with many of the known Goons and he seemed to know all the details about what was going on. I intentionally caught him off guard, trying to get him to say too much which is exactly what he did. He has since clammed up and has refused to talk further.

So who is behind all this and why? It could be my ex-employer who is facing a SEC investigation of their accounting practices. They have the deep pockets and the contacts to pull this off. They'd write it off as a consulting contract to an intermediary company. They may have wanted Oliver out of the way.

Senior Management knew me, they may have worried about the risks of having me disappear. But if I was discredited as a loony, any testimony about the method improvements work I did would be disparaged. The timing of the first antics leads me to believe they are prime suspects.

Whoever is behind this wants to shift blame elsewhere and has probably enlisted the help of others with similar sick emotions.

My brother could be behind it, his army intelligence career could provide the spook contacts. He is insanely jealous about what I am doing and he doesn't want the fact that he stole my father's trust revealed. Getting me institutionalized would fulfill a shared family sickness. As a systems programmer at a major bank credit card processor, he could trade information to get this done.

Or maybe prominent, jealous competitors are responsible. A pharmaceutical company, a celebrity who wants my trademark and IP, some Goon who stupidly thinks they can profit from what I have. But competitor is not just limited to the business sense... ;-)

Yesterday the announcement came that Dunn is done as CEO of HP for just such antics. The climate is changing, the truth is emerging. The longer this goes on, the larger the circle of evidence and Pawn Perps become.

At one time the Goons on the Ground kept asking me, "How long can you hold out?" The fire was probably designed to try to shorten my determination and my duration. But Goons being goons, it has done the opposite. Their antics have strengthened my desire and determination.

The Goons have hurt a lot of people, some of their Pawn Perps will turn on them out of spite.

Too many good people know what is going on. Sooner the truth will come out and some of them will help. If they don't their own futures and families are put at risk too.


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