Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Why No One Is Safe

"Your house will become uninhabitable, you will have to sleep in a Faraday cage" quipped the Goon they sent to intimidate me. What on earth was he talking about? I had no idea at the time.

Google these terms: Ratheon Silent Guardian

Raytheon (Arizona) recently announced an expansion of their less than lethal product line that uses microwave technology to discourage, disorient and disable adversaries with microwave like radiation and rf signals.


Useful technology developed for the U.S. Government is also in the hands of organized crime. If the technology has no legitimate purpose, it is kept classified. This same type of technology can be used to secretly and silently disorient, disable, and potentially destroy a rival or competitor.

Descriptions of what this technology does matches what's been happening to me. The sudden darkening of the skin around my ankles also supports the use of this technology or a microwave like weapon.

It can be turned on and off remotely. This past Sunday was a good day, the perps must have been in church. Photos of the Goon who delivered the Faraday Cage line were featured on a church annual report and website even though he is not a church member. Some Goons seem to use church as a cover for their criminal activities.

Monday the blasting was again intense. When I returned home, the kitchen radio was turned off, (perhaps to check my voice mail messages?) food in my refrigerator had been disrupted.

Fooling With Food is a classic Goon intimidation tactic, they want you to think they can poison you at any time. It's part of their Make You Feel Powerless Ploy.

If you have nothing of value, you may be safe for a while. If this technology falls into the hands of malevolent dicator, it will be disastrous for us all.
If it's happening to me, it can happen to you.

Contact your Congressional and Sentate Leaders to make means to detect and defend against this technology public.


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