Sunday, October 08, 2006

Goon In The Basement!

The petty pilfery and thefts from my home office have been going on for several years. Jewelry, silverware and other valuables are left untouched. Business files and personal items are taken, moved and sometimes returned. Here's a clip from earlier entries.

My contact lens solutions, shampoos and personal care items were contaminated in an effort to hurt my appearance, my business and my confidence with blood shot eyes and frizzy hair. Old shampoo and contact lens solution in my gym bag worked fine, anything left in my bathroom stung, burned and hurt. What Pawn Perp could be responsible for this?

My neighbor's exhusband lives in the basement apartment of her home. He is continually un and under employed. I'll call him Lodger. Both of Lodger's parents worked for the Department of Defense and passed away recently.

I've maintained cordial relationships with my neighbors, and suspected Goons despite their antics. The Goon Game seeks to stress you and drive you to public displays of anger to discredit and disparage you. I don't play. They seem operate from a Cointelpro playbook (Google Cointelpro if you don't know the term.)

Loger was a primary suspect for the invasions, thefts and dirty tricks from the beginning. He'd always been friendly, lately he was giving the impression he was trying to come on by running around with his shirt off (not effective) and smilingly putting a dreamy sexual look in his eyes everytime he saw me. Uggh!

I put a note on the inside my back screen door saying Lodger, Stop Snooping and Pooping In My House! I've Known It Was You For A Long Time! Lodger would have had to walk under my deck, across the back turnaround, climb a full flight of stairs, cross my back deck and open the back screen door to my kitchen to read that note.

The reaction was instantaneous. Within 18 hours Lodger started running like a scared jack rabbit whenever he saw me. He continued to avoid me for months afterwards and still does. The only thing that changed was posting that note in a place that only someone breaking into my home through my back kitchen door would see.

Lodger does free lance design work. Interestingly, Lodger's website prominently displays design work he did for a church organization associated with the one we suspect is being used as a cover for this criminal activity.


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