Friday, December 01, 2006

Bullet Holes To The Heart!

My garage door had been torn off its runner tracks so many times after the fire it would not open. It worked fine for 25 years. When the house was vacant after the fire it was repeatedly torn off its runners. I couldn't get my lawn mower out to mow the back yard.

A male friend came over to help me fix the door early Sunday afternoon. I was able to retie the cables and get the door running back in its tracks. I threw a load of laundry in the dryer and left home around 3:30 pm.

When I returned home around 10:30 I pulled my favorite Barcelona Olympics tee shirt out of the dryer. It was the first I grabbed, it was right on top. A bullet hole had been cut in it right over the heart. This is the second tee shirt that has been cut this way.

Both were obvious cuts. Tears would appear randomly.

The policemen at Zone 2 would not take a report because they said there was no forced entry. Whoever is doing this knows their procedures. I told them there were several other police reports on file describing the other thefts, PC sabotage, etc.

NY told me to put putty in all the exterior key holes of my back doors to make them hard to pick. The Pawn Perps are still able to get in through the front door despite the burglar alarm. They probably hot wired the alarm system while the house was vacant after the fire.


Blogger Bungalo Bill said...

Don't use deadblt locks that have keys. only use mechanical combination locks and change the combination often. Don't give out the combination to anyone and make sure nobody can watch you open the lock. Perps can't get past these unless they know the combination. If you put these in and disable all other possible points of entry, the only way in is to break in. It's always a sad day in "perpville" when they see these go in. Good luck.

6:00 PM EST  

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