Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Website Hacked - AGAIN!

We offer helpful tips and insights by email from our website. People sign up by putting their email address in a small box on the home page of our home page.

Last week we noticed that ALL the html code necessary to make the link work had been removed from our site. This means people who want to sign up for our emails will hit a non- functioning link, a real turn off. The username and passwords to enter and change our Constant Contact account had been removed from my PDA.

The laptop PC we use to maintain the website is kept in our van. Keyless car entry systems are not secure, we've experienced repeated problems with thefts from the van. The Pawn Perps have been able to get past the burglar alarm system in our home office.

Another instance of their threats to try to slowly strangle my business. They have continually fumbled in the past and they show no sign of getting smarter.


Blogger njambianita said...


I first met telepaths in 2007 when I used to work as a bank teller I worked for 6 months then quit when I noticed that my secrets (past and present) n telephone calls and messages were being revealed n repeated back to me at the work place n outside the bank. My dreams were being manipulated n I started dreaming weird things. I noticed that the telepaths were my enemies cause they would make me dream that I am having sex with them or my closest friends. This I believed was a way of destroying my friendships.

At times,I literally fight with them while asleep,hurling names at them, "devil worshipers; why do u only come when I am asleep?, cause u r weak; go away!".

They claim to trust in God but I believe that they are a product of witchcraft cause of the things that they do.Their victim cannot rejoice in inner achievements and prides as they try to make u feel that u havnt achieved much or feel that other people are better than u.Diaries and plans become a public affair.

I was surprised 2 see that up to now,I also noticed that they would move in as neighbours and use me as the telepathy target practice for their kids.
2. I lost my memory one week into employment under strange circumstances. The ironical thing is that I mostly forgot the tasks that I did during the week. 2 days before losing my memory (Thursday); I tried to resign from the job for which I was later hinted to as being a garbage collections manager in a national newspaper. (A presumed symptom of schizophrenia is someone thinking that someone thinks he is famous.) I believe that I may have been drugged in the banking hall. I eventually remembered what went on at the banking hall that week.
3.I took a psychometric test and exit interview that was later abused by the bank. The tests r mandatory; every employee has2 take them before being given a job by the bank. These tests require one to fill in personal information like the things that u like n have or even fear. The bank identified the things that I hate n fear and deliberately expose me 2 them. They would print T-shirts out of them.
4.I had a cold that would not heal, a skin infection and dandruffs. They went ahead to publicize these facts by telling the public to sneeze when I pass them, scratch their noses n scratch their bodies where I had the infection n scratch their heads 2indicate the dandruffs. This has been going on for over a two and a half years.I believe it is a form of brainwash whereby they expose u to certain situations and force you2 learn2 think in certain negative ways when you see the public doing such things. I end up fighting with some people cause of these actions.
5. Once at work I found that my wallet had been destroyed and torn totally. I took the wallet home to keep it as evidence but it later disappeared confirming my suspicions that my keys were being picked at the office and my house visited without my consent .
6. They have pictures of I and my boyfriend having sex. (Derived from a comment and photos made and held by Alice, the Records management staff at Standard Chartered Bank after I had spent a weekend with my boyfriend.) I was later sent to see a professor of psychology at the Kenyatta University, a Doctor Peninah Ndambuki who told me2 stop watching pornography with my man. She claimed that she had an employer at the Standard Chartered Bank head office.
8. They created advertisements out of my private life. I once took a brush at home and used it to scratch my back and the next week a Barclays bank ad came up with a guy scratching his back.
9. They would use matatus with words directed towards me. This I noticed after I realized same matatus with words like "home is best", "we feel nothing"
11. They send hoods of youth to follow me around.

11:10 AM EST  

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