Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Harassment From Hank & Will

If a competitor knows your plans in advance it's easier for them to thwart them.

Recently my notes about a possible marketing approach were snatched from my backpack while I worked outside for a few minutes.

Today Hank walked up and casually described all the details of those plans, to let me know through casual conversation he had gotten the notes. Trying to make you feel powerless and helpless is part of the Goon pattern of intimidation.

Two middle aged brothers Hank and Will live on opposite ends of my street. Their businesses have dried up. They are buddies with Loger, another middle aged neighbor looser who was entering my house through my back kitchen door, see previous postings.

Will strangely kept nagging me about my memory when I was getting blasted badly with the electronic harassment device they have installed in or is aimed at my house. Whatever it is, it can be turned On and Off remotely.

We imagine it is similar to Raytheon's Silent Guardian see technology which fits with Donald's threat (see October 10th posting) that my "house would become uninhabitable and I would have to sleep in a Faraday cage." See for additional descriptions.

When people are working next door and the harassment device is turned off, my house is comfortable. You can feel the difference as soon as it's turned back on. There is a sort of radiant pain on your skin that is very uncomfortable. It's also disorienting, you suddenly have trouble thinking, remembering things and putting one thought after another. The symptoms clear as soon as you leave the house.

If I enter my house quickly and make little noise it stays off for a while. Then the telephone often rings with a spoofed caller id. If I answer, say "Hello" and identify myself, they hang up and then the blasting starts. It's uncomfortable and disorienting, but the symptoms clear as soon as I leave the house. So I work on laptop computers in public places.

The Goons have access to sophisticated, classified military technology, they probably have close ties with the defense industry. This should worry everyone...

Classified technology developed for the U.S. Government is in the hands of organized crime, hate groups, Goons and perverted perps of all kinds. Donald said they would strangle my business and my life, this is one way they are trying to do it. It can happen to you, your family or loved ones.

Who would have thought this sort of thing existed or would be used in this way? Once I understood what was happening, I now get out of my house quickly when the blasting gets bad.


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