Saturday, January 06, 2007

Buckshot To The Gut

A Goon appeared under awkwardly contrived circumstances to try to convince me this was caused by a rough spot in my washing machine, it wasn't! There were lots of soft turtle necks and other knitted items in the load that were not damaged.

This particular shirt was destroyed as part of their Death of a Dream pattern of intimidation.

Some of my under pants have been similarly shredded in strange ways, but I've not recorded each instance because they are harder to identify. It is certainly not in good taste to display photos of them. It would probably give the Perverts a rush.

A few people know it's been my dream to have a house at Seaside someday. Part of the Goon's sick perversion is a repeated threatening theme, Death of a Dream. See the Nazi soliloquy September 23rd posting that describes a similar perverted sickness.

The intimidation is conveyed through metaphors and between the line threats. It is said implied threats are often acted on more frequently than direct threats.

Donald, a Goon they sent to intimidate me (see October 10th posting) said they would slowly strangle my business and my life. That is clearly what they are trying to do, so far they are not succeeding. These are both very sick and very incompetent perverts.

Each Bad Break is being turned into a blessing. I am stronger, tougher and a far better competitor than I have ever been before.


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