Saturday, January 06, 2007

Stealing My Digital Lock

Digital keyless locks must be very secure and hard to pick because the Pervert Perps stole mine last night! That's good to know, it may be one way to defeat their invasions into my home.

I worked past mindnight last Friday night 1/5/06 editing my public access television show. I wanted to finish it because I know nothing is secure in my house. I had problems with the video editing software and was too tired to continue.

I took the PC's hard drive with me when I left, but I'd fully expected the CPU to be sabotaged again when I returned. I'd hidden the keyless digital lock in a kitchen cabinet because I wanted to change the combination.

When I returned home this morning 1/6/06 around 8 am items from my kitchen cabinets where stewn all over the floor. Critical pieces of the digital lock were gone.

Surprisingly, my PC still worked. We've long though the Pervert Perps are competitors who have interest in my work. They may want to see my television show because I'm sharing some very novel and powerful ways to bring happiness and well-being into peoples lives. They are too stupid to come up with anything novel or creative themselves.

A security expert told me to put plumber's putty in all the exterior door lock key holes to prevent them from being picked. Only the front door can be opened from the outside. All the other windows and doors are carefully secured.

The next door neighbor I call Lodger was coming in by climbing up my back deck stairs, crossing my deck and entering my house through the back kitchen door. Now that there's putty in the key holes, the Pervert Perps must come in through the front door which faces the street. The Keyless Digital lock may help defeat their entry. All the other windows and access points are nailed or pinned sht.

We believe Loger is aided in his antics by two brothers who also live on our street. Their businesses have almost completely dried up, guess this is what they do for money. Despicable slime balls, what a way to make a living!


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