Thursday, January 25, 2007

Web Site Hacked - Again, Again!

Google, MSN and major search engines use meta tags to identify and list websites. When key meta tags are absent your web site disappears from Google and all the major search listings.

The Goons removed the key word and description meta tags from many of my key web site pages again. They said they would strangle my business, this is one way they are trying to do it. I've reported these incidents to Zone 2 in the past but they refuse to investigate.

The laptop I use to support my web sites is kept locked in my vehicle at all times. Keyless car entry is no barrier, items have mysteriously disappeared repeatedly in the past.

I'll replace the meta tags and see what the Goons do next.

1/25/07 Update - Someone tracked red clay throught out my house, I noticed it when I arrived home this morning. It looks like it may have come from the construction site next door. The buglar alarm was set and as usual no signs of forced entry.

1/26/07 Update - Clothing in my bedroom was disrupted and the light was turned off at the ceiling fan's pull cord rather than at the light switch. I never leave it that way. Someone has obviously been in the house. Again, the buglar alarm was set and it's been tested.

1/27/07 Update - Dead leaves were in the shower and the water was very slow to drain. I'd just cleaned the drain in December but had to do it again this morning. I found lots of dark colored hair was choking the drain. My hair is bleached light brown. The surgical tweezers I use to clean the drain were missing from their place too. Guess the Goon who showered needed good tweezers. Slime bags...

1/29/07 Update - Boxes were moved in the home studio I use to produce my public access television shows within the last 24 hours. Hank and Will have my marketing notes, maybe they brought a look alike in to produce the clips I'd outlined. They have the video expertise to do it. Items in my bathroom were also been disturbed again, a dirty Goon may have showered.

It's like putting down a half finished cup of coffee. You don't consciously remember how much you had in the cup but if you pick up the wrong cup you know it's not right.


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