Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Time Line Highlight Summary

Thursday, November 11, 2004 - The Atlanta Journal -Constitution reports that my former employer fired three senior level executives for willful accounting misrepresentations coincide with an ongoing Securities and Exchange Commission Inquiry.

January 13, 2005 - The Atlanta - Journal Constitution reports that the SEC has intensified their investigation into my former employer's accounting practices.

March 28, 2005 - I wrote a confidential letter to the Securities & Exchange Commission detailing major accounting irregularities that were not reported in the Atlanta Journal Constitution articles. These accounting problems had been hidden from senior management and prompted my termination.

April, 2005 - "Donald" threatens me saying my business and my life would be slowly strangled, my house would become unihabitable.

May, 2004 - A highly knowlegeable co worker who could corroborate details about the accounting problems dies. I was told he had committed suicide, later communications indicated he died of natural causes. I had eight instances of screws stuck into my automobile car tires during a 9 month period, this has never happened before

June, 2005 - A fire of indeterminate origin destroys the house next door the day after the owners leave for a three week trip to China. Their employees handle all the details with the fire inspectors. My house was badly scorched on one side, all electrical and telephone utilities had to be replaced.

July & August, 2005 - My garage door is repeatedly torn off its runners even though no one is living in my house. It looks like my home has been repeatedly searched. It takes an unreasonably long time to restore power and telephone service, over two months. I carefully retested and reset my home security alarm.

December, 2005 - My car is hit by a driver appearing out of no where. The file I assembled with all the details mysteriously disappears from my home. Zone 2 police were conveniently near by when the "accident" occurred but did not make a report.

January, 2006 - The tapes of my public access television show I'd assembled to put a grant proposal together disappeared from my home. A client file for a speaking engagement was taken from my file cabinet. Zone 2's crime reports said I "lost" them.

February, 2006 - My security alarm company came on site to install a louder siren and add sensors to my basement. They said my alarm system checked out fine and they could not understand how people were entering my home office past the alarm systems.

When the unauthorized intrusions continued I had another security company review my situation. They suggested several changes and noted that the glass breaks were not functional.

June 2005 - June 2006 The burnt ruins of the house next door are left in place for a year until my complaints to the City finally force the owners to take action. During this time I heard people going in and out of the ruins at weird times and in the middle of the night.

January 2005 - January 2007

Communications interruptions: I hear repeated complaints that I'm not returning telephone messages left on my home office land line and cell phone voice mails. My home office land line repeatedly goes out of service.

Before the fire it was stable for 26 years. I also receive complaints I am not responding to email sent to me.

My company websites have been repeatedly hacked and made invisible to Google by removal of the keyword and description meta tags in their html coding.

Something has been installed in my home office or is aimed at my home that makes being there very uncomfortable. When contractors visited the ruins next door my home was comfortable, as soon as they left I immediately felt it being turned on again. The discomfort clears as soon as I leave home.

This discomfort device may be electronic technology similar to what is described in the following article: See Electronic Weapons and Human Rights - Media Freedom Project / Sonoma State University - - the mis spelling of magnetic is correct.

I now work and live elsewhere. A few minutes after I arrive home the telephone often rings with a spoofed caller id. If I answer and identify myself the discomfort device is turned on. "Donald"
said my home would become uninhabitable and I'd have to sleep in a Faraday Cage, this is probably what he meant.

August 2006 - Present - Many details are posted in previous postings.

The Perps are able to get past my home security alarm system and keyless entry into my Ford FreeStyle van.

The sick, psychotic intimidation has taken a personal invasion turn. Favorite tee shirts have been shreaded. Contact lens fluids and shampoos left in my bathroom are contaminated so they burn when used. Old bottles in my gym bag work fine. They take one sock from a matched pair.

"Donald's" threats they would slowly strangle my business and my life seem real. Resistance and rebellion to allowing them to win strengthen my determination to be happy and successful despite their sick, psychotic antics.


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