Friday, November 24, 2006

Atlanta's Mafia

Mafia In Atlanta

"There's a mafia here in Atlanta," she said, relaying a story strikingly similar to my own. "The people involved masquerade as respectable business people."

In her case a criminal fresh from jail was paid $100 to break into her house while she was at work. She came home unexpectedly and caught him in the act. The Pawn Perp's compensation was whatever he could get out of it plus the money he was paid.

She thinks the thefts were prompted by her opposition to zoning changes allowing a nursing home to be built in their neighborhood. Powerful real estate interests wanted to force the project. She is worldly and astutue, an articulate senior legal assistant in a large Altanta law firm, she knows what she is talking about.

My stalker Goons are far more subtle, they don't want to leave tangible proof of their activities. They have said they will slowly strangle my business. They have gotten around my home alarm system, they are able to enter my house while I am gone. Closet and cabinet doors are left open, personal items disappear and are rearranged.

When I get on the telephone and complain about obvious thefts to Will, an old friend and now Goon consort, some items sometimes reappear.

A set of cartridges for my HP Color Laser printer run about $ 500. Last week the black was 2/3rds full, the red, blue and yellow were all better than 1/3 full. When I came in Monday to print to a short note, all the cartridges were uniformly empty. Color laser printers don't run out of ink that way on their own. One color and then another gradually expire. Goons Strike Again!

Corrupting DreamWeaver

Adobe's Dreamweaver is the industry standard for professional web programming. I recently started using it, my new website is becoming very attractive and compelling. The GOONS CAN'T STAND IT!!!! Remember, they want to strangle my business and keep me from succeeding.

My Dreamweaver started jamming and getting strangely clugey. It was putting parameters in places that looked right but prevented the pages from loading correctly. Like all the Goon skunks, I've learned far more and have gotten much stronger and smarter as I've worked through the problems they've created.

Today I deinstalled and reinstalled Dreamweaver again on both of my HP laptops. The software worked perfectly on the laptop I reserve for writing, the one I keep secure and that never touches the internet. I know the software on the Dreamweaver CD is good.

My web progamming / internet laptop cluged up again and misplaced all the background image parameters in the table row tag rather than where they belong in the table data field. Same software, two almost identicle vanilla HP laptops, why would one work beautifully and the other misplace parameters? Worm and viruses usually destroy or block data.

Remember, I've been told the Goons want to discredit me and drive me crazy. Someone went to alot of trouble creating problems that look right but prevent web pages from loading correctly. How did they do it? My internet PC is often left unattended in my vehicle. Commonly available keyboard logger or remote control software could easily foul the Dreamweaver software.

The good news is, the problem is identified. With each criminal act, we're getting closer to proving who is responsible. Poor stupid Goons, they' don't get it. Everything they do makes me stronger, smarter, better and more determined.