Thursday, August 31, 2006

Fighting Radio Attempts At Intimidation

Two radios were blaring in my kitchen when I returned home around 11 pm last night, the one I leave on while I am gone and a second one to show someone had been in the house.

All the locks were changed, no one else has keys. The burglar alarm was set, no complaints about the alarm going off.

The Goons are compelled to leave signs proving they have invaded the house as part of their sick attempts at intimidation. Their illness involves trying to make you feel you are powerless to stop them, engender helplessness, etc. Can you imagine thinking this sort of thing is cool? Where do they get people to do this stuff?

Reminds me of the warped descriptions showing on
CNN this week of the Jeffs' cults. Same perverted manipulation and control mind games.

The silver ware and other valuables are left untouched. To date, only business assets and personal items have been taken or damaged.

The software and notes have not been returned.

Wonder if they'll have the courage to begin to comment on these postings? People involved in this sort of activity are spineless cowards.

Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Theft, Criminal Activities & Antics

The Goons Are At It Again!!! Serious Sickness

Our security people have asked us to begin publicly publishing portions of our security logs itemizing current Goon criminal activities and antics. Now everyone can see some of what we have been keeping privately.

We have been told the Goons do not want to be exposed, and they have threatened to kill anyone who tries to expose them. Several hold prominent places in our community. The Goons have even said they do not like being called Goons, they think of themselves as some sort of elite fraternal organization. Bizarre denial!

Their stated desire is to discredit and destroy us and our business, to drive us crazy or to make us appear deranged. They want to wear us down physically, financially, emotionally and socially. Knowing their goals defines our responses. Goons are their own worst enemy.

Goons are so devoid of capability and creativity they have to steal from others. They are so jealous and afraid other people have better ideas they have to discredit and damage their competitors in order to feel good about themselves. They can't!

These incompetents turn to crime trying to salvage some sort of success in their lives. None of them have been able to succeed without their criminal affiliations. They don't succeed even with their Goon gang criminal activities.

Give Goon incompetents enough power, time and resources and they always screw themselves. They destroy their own lives with their inadequate, incompetent ways and then blame, hurt and manipulate other people trying to compensate for their own misery. They don't realize they are doing it to themselves.

Many of their antics are sick, revealing a twisted compulsion to try control, dominate and destroy. It doesn't work because they are so incompetent. These petty criminals have severely deranged delusions of grandeur.

Now you can read their story and mine...

Confirmed Thefts - 8/30/06

Intellectual Property Theft - The annotated draft copy of our new new sales skills program disappeared last week. Today we searched the our company van and offices thoroughly to ensure it had not been misplaced. Thefts from our offices and company van have been frequent over the past several years. The new program was announced on recent updates on our websites, it could be very lucrative. The Goons have told us they can enter our offices and vehicles and take anything they want and we are powerless to stop them.

Probable Perpetrators: Goon Competitors
Exposure & Risk: Additional copies are stored safely, it's our intellectual property, we can recreate it easily.

Web Software Theft - Here's where the sickness sets in. The CDs of our copies of FrontPage 2000 and the FrontPage 2003 update also disappeared at the same time. Our software is carefully kept together in a black vinyl satchel bearing a microphone logo on the outside.

Why steal the software? We've had some stolen software reappear as if they were just borrowed for a while by a Goon. This was true of our PhotoShop 7.0 CD. Other things reappear after a while or never reappear. Other, more valuable software was in the same satchel.

Our Passport and Driver's License also disappeared for a while and then mysteriously reappeared in very conspicuous ways, so we would be sure to notice their return. At the same time, one of their crazed Goon consorts called to complain THEIR passport had been stolen so we would be sure to check ours. If you're not traveling, you assume your passport is in the same safe place where you normally store it.

The software may have been stolen to build a mirror site with their own addresses and photos so it would look like ours. Or it may have been stolen to punish us for updating our websites which the Goons don't want us to do.

We are not meant to pursue our business activities. We are supposed to lie down and give it all to them as they wish. Sick delusions!

Probable Perpetrators: Goon Competitors
Risk / Exposure: Hacked mirrored web site, loss of business, cost of purchasing newer, better software.

=> Note: On occasion when we get on the telephone and complain about their stupid thefts, the items do reappear. Most recently this prompted the return of a pair of the tweezers and a USB cable. Is something bugged?

One theory is the Goons have a training facility nearby. Our office and vehicle have been targeted to teach new Goon inductees breaking and entering skills. Some of our competitors may teach at this facility. We were targeted due to envy and because they want our intellectual property.

What will the Goon response to this Goon Log Blog be?

Maybe it will get our draft and software CDs returned. If I get hurt or replaced by a compliant look alike, the public will know the specifics behind it. Maybe the Goons will go away and whimper.