Monday, September 25, 2006

Nazi's Gone From Google

David Morell's award winning documentary Young, Nazi and Proud detailing the hate and malice mongering Mark Collet is no longer on the Google link previously posted. It's posting may have raised copyright concerns, we will repost the link if and when we can find one that works. The synopsis and soliloqy pieces are still excellent.

The following is a mundane report of routine internet problems that are not of particular interest except as an example of the sort of regular logs we have kept since 2001. We've encountered unusual problems updating these blog pages this morning.

As we've said before, it's easy to install a keylogger on a target's PC to record their internet activity, passwords, etc. Once you have control of the machine, it's also possible to redirect internet browsing and traffic to spoof sites that mimic the real thing. Our company van has been raided repeated, we wonder if that's what has happened to the laptop we use for internet access.

So this afternoon we went to a public library for internet access. Given the spate of weird problems we wonder if the Geek Goons were showing off that they have hacked into the internet system itself. Here's a detailed description, but more interesting things are posted on earlier dates further down this blog.

We've had a bizarre series of problems with our Amazon book account, the page clearly states to email for problems and corrections. When we did, an autoresponder message came back saying it was an invalid email address and to refer to the page where we began. Our emails to support groups routinely go unanswered.

The Amazon HELP page hung up for 40 minutes and prevented us from reporting the problem!
None of this is routine.

The Goons said they wanted to frustrate us and try to drive us crazy. Stupid Goons, now that we know what they want, we simply won't give it to them. We are developing different, creative ways to defeat and defy them and to trap them in their antics.

Saturday, September 23, 2006

Nazi Soliloquy - Hate Group Stalking

Here are links to a program called Young Nazi and Proud. The video, available on Google video, was a British (Channel 4) documentary profiling a young white man named Mark Collett, a stealth neo-Nazi and up and coming activist with the right wing British National Party. (You may need DSL to watch this online.)

A hate group member named Mark, convinced the camera was not on, and being entirely candid about one of the forms his hatred took. He was angry with an ex-girlfriend who disagreed with his politics and he started going on with this little soliloquy:

"I like to break people.
When you've broken them and sucked the last bit of life out of them.

That's it.
Never crush her, never crush her because that doesn't hurt the most.
Just everything she cares about, everything dear to her is crushed.
In a very real way, when people say I am evil, you know what I mean, yeah I am.
But it all depends.

I'm either the sweetest angel or the most evil being you've ever encountered.
It just depends which side you push me.
Never kill people, yeah.
Push them to the point of despair where they do it to themselves because that's when you've really won.
When you've broken them down to the final level and there's nothing worth living for and they do it themselves, There's no blood on your hands then and you've just won."

As distressing and disgusting as his commentary is, it is helpful to have this to refer to.

If you decide to watch the documentary, you should know the little rat gets what's coming to him at the end. Nothing violent, but I assume his career as a stealth Nazi was ruined by it. Here is the link to Channel 4, which discusses the documentary in more detail

Is this what I am facing?

Document Diligently - Dunn's Done

"The Goons will try to do everything they can to strangle your business," commented my mentor in NY who I have dubbed NewYork. "They have told you that, expect it."

"Carefully document everything unusual. If you don't get responses from organizations you try to advertise with, document it. Street theater antics designed to damage your confidence or esteem, record it. Disruptions, invasions, keep track of everything. Get names and addresses, record their connections to others playing the same game. Keep your records secret."

"The Pawn Perps are financially distressed but normal people. They will cave in quickly and easily under pressure. View everything that happens as grist for your mill. The more they try to black ball you, the better your case becomes. You are gaining strength and power, they continually screw up, because, after all, they are Goons."

NewYork came into my life in spring of 2001. On occasion his warnings have been excellent, sometimes he seems to have inside information about what is happening. Other times I don't hear from him for months. Lately our communications have been frequent, but through intermediaries. He is right about 85% of the time. I really value his input and his help.

"They want to discredit you and drive you crazy or appear crazy," was the first comment an acquaintance I'll call Douglas blurted out when I told him what was happening. His contacts overlap with many of the known Goons and he seemed to know all the details about what was going on. I intentionally caught him off guard, trying to get him to say too much which is exactly what he did. He has since clammed up and has refused to talk further.

So who is behind all this and why? It could be my ex-employer who is facing a SEC investigation of their accounting practices. They have the deep pockets and the contacts to pull this off. They'd write it off as a consulting contract to an intermediary company. They may have wanted Oliver out of the way.

Senior Management knew me, they may have worried about the risks of having me disappear. But if I was discredited as a loony, any testimony about the method improvements work I did would be disparaged. The timing of the first antics leads me to believe they are prime suspects.

Whoever is behind this wants to shift blame elsewhere and has probably enlisted the help of others with similar sick emotions.

My brother could be behind it, his army intelligence career could provide the spook contacts. He is insanely jealous about what I am doing and he doesn't want the fact that he stole my father's trust revealed. Getting me institutionalized would fulfill a shared family sickness. As a systems programmer at a major bank credit card processor, he could trade information to get this done.

Or maybe prominent, jealous competitors are responsible. A pharmaceutical company, a celebrity who wants my trademark and IP, some Goon who stupidly thinks they can profit from what I have. But competitor is not just limited to the business sense... ;-)

Yesterday the announcement came that Dunn is done as CEO of HP for just such antics. The climate is changing, the truth is emerging. The longer this goes on, the larger the circle of evidence and Pawn Perps become.

At one time the Goons on the Ground kept asking me, "How long can you hold out?" The fire was probably designed to try to shorten my determination and my duration. But Goons being goons, it has done the opposite. Their antics have strengthened my desire and determination.

The Goons have hurt a lot of people, some of their Pawn Perps will turn on them out of spite.

Too many good people know what is going on. Sooner the truth will come out and some of them will help. If they don't their own futures and families are put at risk too.

Saturday, September 16, 2006

Feel Your Power!

Keep your friends close and your enemies closer ~ Sun Tzu.
Today I attended the monthly meeting of a professional organization that includes competitors, colleagues and Goons. The history is interesting...

I joined this professional organization in June, 2001 to develop my new business, and I immediately signed up for their mentor program to help accelerate my progress. I was assigned to aging, washed up executive I'll call PeePee because he continually pee'd on himself and everyone around him.

I read PeePee's very bad book before I ever met him and wondered how this man could ever have succeeded anywhere, including my new industry. He portrayed himself as a big time looser in his book. I was new to both the organization and the industry so I decided to try to get along.

PeePee immediately demanded to see drafts of my book and became very critical when I demurred. His hostility escalated despite my stellar performance in the mentor program. He did everything he could to smear me within the organization and even said we had had an affair. Wishful thinking on his part. As an attractive single woman new to the field I was an easy target. I was focused, determined and I persevered.

The next year I joined a Toastmaster's like program run by another member of this same professional organization I'll call Lawson. He especially loved a signature story I told about my uncle who began a rowing program for a disadvantaged boys club in Boston.

The key lines were "You always past failure on your way to success. Take pride in how far you have come, have faith in how far you can go. And, feel your power." It is a marvelous, very powerful story that I performed just once at his workshop.

Before the fire I had a Cat5 network installed between three of my desktop PCs and I routinely backed up all my critical files across the network. This meant I had at least two backup copies of all my work in addition to my primary copy on the PC it was developed on. That story was no exception.

Imagine my surprise when I later found that the Feel Your Power story files had disappeared from all three of the PCs! After the fire Lawson was very nervous whenever our paths crossed and he could not look me in the eye. I wonder if he was using the Feel Your Power story himself. More about the fire...

My next door neighbor, the inadequate architect I call AIA always dreamt of building his dream house but he could not afford to fund it himself. AIA and his wife were close personal friends and business associates of PeePee and his wife.

The universe has a way of warning you when evil is coming. The week of the fire it was clear something was up. I was close to finishing the draft of the book that PeePee had wanted so badly and had set up a meeting in my home office 3 pm Friday with my graphic designer to discuss final book design. She had strangely insisted we meet in my office, we had always met at her office before. It was easy for me to bring materials to her.

I called my graphic designer early Friday afternoon to cancel our 3 pm appointment, something just didn't feel right. My graphic designer is normally a very sweet, demure lady, she wasn't earning much on this project and she had said next week was equally good for her. Then I left home to run some errands.

I heard sirens and saw helicopters overhead as I approached home around 3:40 pm. The house next to me, AIA's house was burning, flames were shooting out his deck across the narrow driveway at my home. The side of my house was badly cooked.

I'd been keeping one of my PCs in the trunk of my car because I expected just such an occurrence. AIA and his wife had just left for a three week trip to the Far East, their employees dealt with all the fire inspectors and insurance people after the fire.

Strangely, I had a vicious voice mail around 2 pm from my normally demur graphic designer furious because I had cancelled our 3 pm meeting at my home office. This did not make sense, she had said next week was equally good and she was not earning more than $50 from the session.

After the fire I had to pressure her to meet to complete our business. The following Tuesday when we met at her home office she was very badly shaken and could not look me in the eye. Her brother is a prominent member of the same profession PeePee had tried to drive me from.

When I reviewed the events with my mentor in NY, he said this is the impression the Goons want to leave:

There was a contract placed for the fire to be set in AIA's home shortly after three at the time of my meeting with the graphic designer. AIA wanted to rebuild anyway, insurance would cover his costs. His business partner's son ran a construction company. AIA and his wife could not stand the public scrutiny of a fire investigation, so the fire was set at a time when they would be out of the country for a prolonged period of time.

The graphics designer was given special instructions and a zip drive. If a distraction occurred during our meeting at my home office, she was to copy the book files from my PC and then fry the drive. She was a good Christian girl who was hard up for money. She had no idea she was getting involved in a major act of arson. She was blown away by what happened.

The Goons expected the fire which shot out of AIA's deck like a blow torch to eventually burn my house as well. I was saved by the old asbestos shingling on my home. A billing error made them think my home was uninsured. The Goons intended to get a copy of my book, fry my other PCs and destroy me financially. But of course being Goons, once again hey failed miserably.

The intriguing question is why all these manipulations? The apparent intent is to hurt me in ways similar to the Nazi Soliliquy. Whoever is behind this wants others to take the fall. None of the people mentioned in this public Goon Log have the insight or abilities to perpetrate it themselves.

The low level perps, the Pawn Perps, these Goons on the Ground are spineless, cowardly cretins who cave in quickly under pressure. The Grand Goons know this. This makes the Pawn Perps very expendable and they become victims of the same vicious activities they perpetrate on others. The Goon philosophy is, "You've done it to others, you'll get it yourself."

Despite all the bad things that have happened, I feel a very special warmth, love and protection through all these difficult times. God has protected me through all the Goons antics and He has turned each of the Goon engineered bad breaks into blessings.

Remember, there is so much more to this story. This is only a brief, sanitized summary of some of the detailed logs we have been keeping for years.

Monday, September 11, 2006

Who Are The Goons?

"They will show themselves... " the Goon said during a conversation spring, 2005. "You are caught in a web, you are fighting an organization... "

What did he mean? Whoever is responsible for this harassment is technically sophisticated, well organized and is probably doing it to other people besides me.

There's a large, well known multinational company that is headquartered here that some foreign governments have accused of acting as a cover for CIA activities. Several days later I ran into the retired head of International Operations for this company standing aimlessly in a hallway I was due to travel down. Is this just coincidence or were they trying to say this guy still has access to the grey ops contractors he once was accused of harboring?

Whoever is doing this wants to cast the blame elsewhere and they will probably pretend to be bigger and tougher than they really are. They seem to have an endless stream of fresh bodies to throw into the game which suggests a training facility in town. My guess is Lawrenceville because they keep mentioning that name. Some of my competitors could easily be employed at such a facility.

If so, it would not be inconceivable for them to take contracts to "treat" potential whistleblowers (like me) or other people who threaten large corporate interests. I'd easily fall into that category because of the accounting irregularities I reported in my last big corporate job. Other possible perps with the reason and the resources, the motive and the money have been documented extensively elsewhere.

The one man I would have gone to for support had I wanted make trouble for my former employer died mysteriously right before they announced a major SEC investigation into their accounting systems.

Competitors who want to get control of my company and intellectual property could easily be behind it. There' s been a consistent connection between the perps and people in my business who are positioned to profit from it.

Or perhaps a defense contractor wants to demo what they can do... using covert technology to try to destroy a person's happiness, their life and their business. There may be a big market for that given the hoopla Sarbanes Oxley has caused.

Or maybe the happiness lady was seen as a challenge for someone who wanted to show they could dominate and defeat even the most cheerful, resourceful person. So far, it hasn't worked.

Strangling Business...

The Goon they sent said they would slowly strangle my business....

Last Friday afternoon I made warm up calls to several bookstores to get appointments to talk about my book launch this week. I left all the cards and notes from the calls in the van as bait, they all disappeared over the weekend. I expected it and planned for it.

I had an especially hostile reaction from one store I visited this morning, completely out of character for the people and the venue. Again, I expected it and laughed it off, it is good practice. Someone has put the word out to try to make it hard for me.

It may be similar to some of the stunts Microsoft was accused of pulling with their competitors.

Again, we know what's going on, we plan for it and work around it.

The FrontPage web software was finally returned to a pocket that I have searched many times. Their goal is to make you doubt yourself. When that no longer works, then to make you feel invaded, powerless, helpless.

The antics have even extended to corrupting my shampoo and contact lens fluids in an effort to harm my appearance. I tip the people who cut my hair well, I am always very pleasant and I am also very specific about what I want. I usually can get one good cut before someone gets to them.

Strength is perfected through weakness. By playing on my weaknesses they are making me stronger. I am learning lots of very valuable skills to help us rebound and recover. Poor stupid Goons, all the bad things they are doing keep turning into unexpected blessings.

People who hate are never happy, these are some very sick, unhappy people! Pity the poor recruits who are being used to do this. What sort of future do they have to look forward to?

Saturday, September 09, 2006

C.C.'s Bizarre Warning Becomes Reality

In May of 2005, a lady I've known for 15 years who I'll call C.C. told me that I needed to move from the attractive little bungalow I bought 25 years ago because there was something in my house that was making me sick. At the time I thought her warning was strange, today I had another instance of what she was talking about.

C.C. was right, there is something noxious in the house. This morning I had my action plans for the day all laid out before I returned home. I was there for less than two hours when a pain hit the back of my head hit and I started to feel disoriented and forgetful. A sense of mindless timelessness set in and I was literally running around in senseless circles. The problem always clears as soon as I leave the house.

Mold perhaps? It is something environmental but what ever it is, it can be turned on and off remotely. When I have people in the house with me, it is not a problem. When contractors were scheduled to visit the burned out house next door, everything was fine. As soon as they left, whatever it is was turned on again.

The Goon they sent to threaten me said my house would "become uninhabitable and that I would have to sleep in a Faraday cage." I thought he was nuts, I had no idea what he meant. C.C. and the Goon were right, some sort of harassment device that can be turned on and off remotely has been placed in my house or is aimed at it that makes staying there uncomfortable and perhaps dangerous.

Last November C.C. left for a long trip back to Atlantic City where she grew up, C.C. did not return. Instead another woman came back with plastic surgery bruises all over her face and took C.C.'s place. She didn't talk like C.C., the rhythm and beat of her speech was different. Her body shape was different, she didn't act or have the same habits or spirit as C.C. It was not C.C.

C.C. is single and alone, like me. There was no one close to her to raise questions about the switch. By now everyone is used to the impostor.

C.C. had a major loss with a large brokerage firm that had a $28 million dollar suit and settlement against them in neighboring city. C.C. sued them and was instigating media coverage for their management lapses. The brokerage firms has the resources and the reason to get her out of the way but since she was well positioned to help them snoop on prominent people, they slid in a ringer. We are taking defensive action to prevent the same thing from happening to me.

Thursday, September 07, 2006

Moving Mario !

Small thing perhaps, I've been asked to report everything. I'll add entertaining photos one of these days too!

Tonight (Wednesday 9-6-06) I noticed that the bright green Super Mario Happy Meal toy I had attached to windshield's rear view mirror was lying in the back of the van. It hung happily where it was for weeks, I did not move it. The Goons want me to know they have invaded the van again. Keyless entry is insecure.

A number of other people facing similar problems report the same phenomena. The Goons like to move personal items around to harass you and to try to make you feel powerless. Items you store in your trunk inexplicably end up in your house, files disappear at crucial times and mysteriously reappear when they are no longer needed.

The first few times this happens you doubt yourself. Once it becomes a consistent pattern you realize it's not you. If you complain about it you will appear nuts. Again, they are showing their goals. They want to make you appear deranged and disorganized to discredit you.

The key is to turn all the bad things they do into blessings. Remember, they are very stupid, inadequate and incompetent. What sort of person in their right mind would waste their lives doing such senseless things? Pity the poor Goons, they bring all their unhappiness on themselves.

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

September 6th

Ha! At least one pair of the Delta earphones were returned, minus the velcro ties. They were pushed through the openings in the truck windows.

I've been warned not to let my guard down when things are quiet. They try to lull you into complacency to set you up as an easier target. Things are almost too quiet now. The FrontPage software has not reappeared.

Four of my calls to Southern Bell were disconnected today, very unusual. I was calling on a payphone trying to get telephone service to my home restored. We expect problems.

My gut tells me all my cellphone calls are monitored, when they don't like what I'm doing the cut them off or put up static. They only time I have disconnects or static is when I do something the Goons don't like.... that means anything that furthers my business.

The Goon who threatened me said, they will slowly strangle you and drive you out of your mind, out of your life and your business. It's all very similar to the Nazi soliloquy. What sort of twisted minds get joy this way?

Snoopers, Poopers & Exterior Door Holes

Locksmiths tell you to fill vulnerable exterior door keyholes with epoxy or super glue to keep them from being picked. My new security advisor suggests plaster of paris, spackle or plumbers putty, something that can be removed by boiling the lock in hot water if situations ever change.

I filled all the back entryway door locks as he suggested. We imagine the garage door lock was being picked, that was one place of entry. So were the back deck doors.

The exhusband of my other next door neighbor lives in her basement apartment. The poor man is chronically unemployed or underemployed. He had been extraordinarily friendly, almost acting like he was trying to come on, I couldn't understand why. I put a note on my back deck door with this name on it saying _______ you Jerk, stop snooping and pooping in my house!

Within 18 hours he started acting strangely and couldn't look me straight in the eye. He avoided me completely for three months.

He would have had to walk out his basement door, cross the full length of my back patio, climb up a full flight of my deck stairs, cross over my deck and open my back screen door to break into my house to read that note! He sure acted like that is exactly what he did.

The low life jerk gave himself away as a perp, petty thief and paid snoop. Goons always screw themselves, they don't need any help from the outside. He wouldn't have the smarts, interest or resources to do such a thing without someone pushing and renumerating him in some way.

The question is who and why? Who wants to hurt my happiness mission and business? Both of his parents worked for the Department of Defense, I certainly hope our government has better things to do than harass me! ;-)

Sunday, September 03, 2006

Bullet Holes To The Heart!

The garage door that provides entry to the back of my home worked perfectly for 25 years, until the fire last June 17th, 2005. My home was damaged and I had to move away for two months.

During the past 18 months the garage door rollers repeatedly were torn off the runners, the garage door rollers disappeared and the cabling that attaches the spring mechanisms to the garage door were repeatedly dislodged. All this despite the fact that my home and the garage door is not being used! It's evidence some one or perhaps several people were breaking in through the garage door which provides access into the entire house.

This afternoon a male friend came by to help me open the garage door. I reinstalled the rollers and retied the cabling to the springs so the door now opens smoothly. I did some laundry while I was working there.

I left around 3:30 pm and went to the YMCA to work out, then back to McDonald's for dinner and to write some more. I came back through the house around 10:30 pm to take a shower and put on fresh clothes.

The first tee shirt I pulled from the dryer had a hole, about bullet size, cut into it right over where my heart would be. This is the second shirt that has been cut this way. It is obviously a fresh cut and not a tear.

The Atlanta Police Department at Zone 2 would not take it seriously because they said there was no evidence of forced entry. I explained there were three police reports on file reporting break ins, thefts and destruction of PC equipment. This has gone on for some time.

Perhaps repairing the garage door, even though it was left locked made entrance to the basement laundry area easier. We will take steps to secure it shortly.

Saturday, September 02, 2006

Saturday, September 2nd

"Everything happens for a reason, you may not realize what it is at the time. Report everything, let other people decide what's relevant or not." These are the instructions from my new security advisor.

This morning when I walked into McDonald's at 7:50 am a couple of my Goon neighbors were sitting at the table next to my usual spot dressed to the nines. They are elderly and retired, one wonders why they'd be there so early in the morning dressed that way. A Goon consort was sitting behind them to observe the action.

This was the same neighbor who banged on my front door one morning, barged into my living room to tell me that I if I continued my opposition to the area's traffic calming measures I would "get hurt." The traffic calming measure constricts major arteries making it hard for buses, garbage trucks and postal people do to their jobs. Fire, police and EMS service are also jeopardized. I helped organize petitions against it.

The traffic calming measures were forced through my next door neighbor who had the fire, who I'll call AIA (for awfully Inadequate Architect) from now on. Major misrepresentations about this multi million dollar traffic calming project had to be removed from our neighborhood association website because of falsehoods.

Goons are always their own worst enemy. A large, upscale senior retirement complex is planned for our neighborhood by a company owned by one of our US Senators. The traffic calming curbing is already badly scuffed and damaged by cars hitting them after only a few months. One wonders about the wisdom of installing road hazards to slow traffic.

If the traffic calming measures were meant to make the area more attractive to upscale seniors, it did the exact opposite. It's made our roadways hazardous and very unattractive. Residents refuse to weed the bulb outs because they are so furious about what happened. It's ugly, unsafe and unpopular.

Back to today. Goons love theatrics and street theater. It's one of the means they use to plant suggestions and to manipulate appearances. They also use drama to steal your time, attention and spiritual well-being. Once you understand who they are and what they are doing, you can simply decide not to play. They try to provoke a reaction that can be used against you.

I mumbled a soft good morning and ignored all three of them. Perhaps this sort of performance makes them feel important, like they have some worthwhile role or game to play. How sad they have so little in their lives that hurting innocent people is attractive. What a way to end your senior years!

Friday, September 01, 2006

September 1st

Front Door Unlocked - Friday, September 1st

This morning my front door was unlocked when I returned home around 9:30 am. This is a favorite Goon trick, they have done it before. They like to show they can invade my home whenever they wish. My neighbors across the street are gone for Labor Day weekend. It's a quiet, low crime street. No one would suspect someone strolling up to knock on the front door and surrupticiously unlocking the door.

And NO, I did not leave it unlocked myself!

Earphones stolen From Vehicle - Friday September 1st

I normally keep several 5-6 pairs of cheap, $2 Delta Airline earphones in the door pockets of my van to use when I watch TV on the treadmills at when I exercise at the YMCA. They had all been removed from my van. It's been several days since I've looked for them, I don't know exactly when they disappeared.

The Geek Goons that do this petty pilfery LOVE the velcro ties I use to keep the wires neat on my computer equipment. They have stolen them from my home before. Guess the temptation was just too great. Wonder if they wanted the earphones or the ties.

Key Loggers & Intentional Typos

Isolating targets, strangling their finances, disrupting their business telephone and internet communications are prime Goon goals. Since some Goons are prominent members of the community who don't want to be exposed, they don't want to leave proof or corroboration of their antics. So they prefer covert, cowardly means to commit their crimes, and they worship the Gods of Dirty Tricks.

The perfect crime leaves no trace a crime was ever even committed.

We've not been receiving the regular emails several of our professional organizations routinely send. This evening discovered why. Numerous intentional typos had been inserted in our contact mailing and email address with several of these organizations. Or we'd been inexplicably opted out of the mailings.

Keyboard loggers that allow bosses and parents to monitor their children's and employees' internet activities are widely and inexpensively available. Slip them on your target's PCs and you have access to all their passwords and a complete listing of their internet activities.

Then it's a simple matter to go into the targets' contact pages and place intentional typos where they will do the most harm. Goons always shy away from verifiable, overt sorts of sabotage, they prefer to make the errors appear like legitimate finger faults.

Only they're not. If you run for months or years with no problems and then suddenly discover a rash of unexplained typos that stop or stifle your business communications, the Goons have been at work. The more sophisticated keyboard loggers are hard to detect. Your best bet is to back up your PC, reformat your hard drive and start over clean.

If you are not able to maintain absolute physical security the Goons will quickly invade your offices and vehicles again to reinstall the keyboard loggers. Using web access and public PCs in libraries can help for a while. It's a different way of doing business that provides unexpected benefits.

There are always unexpected blessings in the bad breaks the Goons try to create. Finding and enjoying those blessings defeats and amazes the Goons.