Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Time Line Highlight Summary

Thursday, November 11, 2004 - The Atlanta Journal -Constitution reports that my former employer fired three senior level executives for willful accounting misrepresentations coincide with an ongoing Securities and Exchange Commission Inquiry.

January 13, 2005 - The Atlanta - Journal Constitution reports that the SEC has intensified their investigation into my former employer's accounting practices.

March 28, 2005 - I wrote a confidential letter to the Securities & Exchange Commission detailing major accounting irregularities that were not reported in the Atlanta Journal Constitution articles. These accounting problems had been hidden from senior management and prompted my termination.

April, 2005 - "Donald" threatens me saying my business and my life would be slowly strangled, my house would become unihabitable.

May, 2004 - A highly knowlegeable co worker who could corroborate details about the accounting problems dies. I was told he had committed suicide, later communications indicated he died of natural causes. I had eight instances of screws stuck into my automobile car tires during a 9 month period, this has never happened before

June, 2005 - A fire of indeterminate origin destroys the house next door the day after the owners leave for a three week trip to China. Their employees handle all the details with the fire inspectors. My house was badly scorched on one side, all electrical and telephone utilities had to be replaced.

July & August, 2005 - My garage door is repeatedly torn off its runners even though no one is living in my house. It looks like my home has been repeatedly searched. It takes an unreasonably long time to restore power and telephone service, over two months. I carefully retested and reset my home security alarm.

December, 2005 - My car is hit by a driver appearing out of no where. The file I assembled with all the details mysteriously disappears from my home. Zone 2 police were conveniently near by when the "accident" occurred but did not make a report.

January, 2006 - The tapes of my public access television show I'd assembled to put a grant proposal together disappeared from my home. A client file for a speaking engagement was taken from my file cabinet. Zone 2's crime reports said I "lost" them.

February, 2006 - My security alarm company came on site to install a louder siren and add sensors to my basement. They said my alarm system checked out fine and they could not understand how people were entering my home office past the alarm systems.

When the unauthorized intrusions continued I had another security company review my situation. They suggested several changes and noted that the glass breaks were not functional.

June 2005 - June 2006 The burnt ruins of the house next door are left in place for a year until my complaints to the City finally force the owners to take action. During this time I heard people going in and out of the ruins at weird times and in the middle of the night.

January 2005 - January 2007

Communications interruptions: I hear repeated complaints that I'm not returning telephone messages left on my home office land line and cell phone voice mails. My home office land line repeatedly goes out of service.

Before the fire it was stable for 26 years. I also receive complaints I am not responding to email sent to me.

My company websites have been repeatedly hacked and made invisible to Google by removal of the keyword and description meta tags in their html coding.

Something has been installed in my home office or is aimed at my home that makes being there very uncomfortable. When contractors visited the ruins next door my home was comfortable, as soon as they left I immediately felt it being turned on again. The discomfort clears as soon as I leave home.

This discomfort device may be electronic technology similar to what is described in the following article: See Electronic Weapons and Human Rights - Media Freedom Project / Sonoma State University - - the mis spelling of magnetic is correct.

I now work and live elsewhere. A few minutes after I arrive home the telephone often rings with a spoofed caller id. If I answer and identify myself the discomfort device is turned on. "Donald"
said my home would become uninhabitable and I'd have to sleep in a Faraday Cage, this is probably what he meant.

August 2006 - Present - Many details are posted in previous postings.

The Perps are able to get past my home security alarm system and keyless entry into my Ford FreeStyle van.

The sick, psychotic intimidation has taken a personal invasion turn. Favorite tee shirts have been shreaded. Contact lens fluids and shampoos left in my bathroom are contaminated so they burn when used. Old bottles in my gym bag work fine. They take one sock from a matched pair.

"Donald's" threats they would slowly strangle my business and my life seem real. Resistance and rebellion to allowing them to win strengthen my determination to be happy and successful despite their sick, psychotic antics.

Friday, January 26, 2007

S.E.C. Letter Escalated Harassment

Warning- This blog has been hacked and some of the postings are now corrupted. The basic facts have been retained, the wording has been changed and typos added.

In March 2005 I wrote a confidential letter to the S.E.C. outlining concerns about my previous employer's accounting practices. I had performed senior level consulting and process improvement my last ten years with them.

My previous employer issued a press announcement spring 2005 saying the S.E.C. was initiating a major investigation into their accounting systems. I wrote to the S.E.C. detailing problems that were broader than what had been reported in the press. I did not know I was being watched at the time I wrote that confidential letter.

The harassment and bizarre incidents escalated dramatically right after I wrote the first letter to the SEC in March, 2005.

The one man I would have gone to for help pursuing the case mysteriously committed suicide in May, 2005. No one could believe he did it. I wrote another confidential letter to the S.E.C. in May, 2005 raising concerns about his death in relation to their investigation of my previous employer.

As part of my job responsibilities I'd come across a major centralized telephone accounting that was a leaky as a sieve and whose problems had been hidden from senior management. I'd been set up and rif'd to protect the people responsible for it.

Lots of bad bizarre weird things started to happen. I'd searched for a private detective firm to help with the incidents and found the larger ones advertised that they "treated" whistle blowers.

I believe I have been "treated" to prevent the story from surfacing and in retaliation for writing the letters to the S.E.C. describing the problems that had been hidden from senior management with that centralized telephone accounting system and raising concerns about the death of my coworker.

While the statue of limitations for many of the original accounting problems may have expired, for murder and the other retaliatory actions it has not.

My ex-employer would have gone to one of their defense contractor customers for assistance with the case and with "treating" me.

The defense contractor connection explains the slick, sophisticated technology they are using and why my jewelry and silverware have been left untouched. My ex employer is a major bank holding company, hence the friendly relationships with law enforcement.

It also explains the emphasis on discrediting me personally. If they could do that successfully, anything I say about the case and the death of my co worker would be discounted.

Google "Russell Tice" to see how U.S. Government handles similar concerns. People put in bad, bizarre situations who report them honestly are often disparaged. Honest, responsible messengers get shot.

What's it worth to a senior executive at one of the nation's largest banks to keep damaging publicity from hitting the press? A couple of lives and a couple of hundred thousand dollars? That's probably what they spent to "treat" us.

Senior management at my previous employer has recently changed. Hopefully the new management will see the wisdom in stopping the harassment and covering the damages these criminal activities have caused.

Emails Hacked & Intercepted?

Five follow up emails I sent to the Mayor's office over the past five days never arrived. Three emails I sent to the Chief of Police's Office never arrived.

We know the Goons have hacked into my Earthlink web mail account and that they are intercepting my incoming email. This is further proof of what is happening.

Thursday, January 25, 2007

Web Site Hacked - Again, Again!

Google, MSN and major search engines use meta tags to identify and list websites. When key meta tags are absent your web site disappears from Google and all the major search listings.

The Goons removed the key word and description meta tags from many of my key web site pages again. They said they would strangle my business, this is one way they are trying to do it. I've reported these incidents to Zone 2 in the past but they refuse to investigate.

The laptop I use to support my web sites is kept locked in my vehicle at all times. Keyless car entry is no barrier, items have mysteriously disappeared repeatedly in the past.

I'll replace the meta tags and see what the Goons do next.

1/25/07 Update - Someone tracked red clay throught out my house, I noticed it when I arrived home this morning. It looks like it may have come from the construction site next door. The buglar alarm was set and as usual no signs of forced entry.

1/26/07 Update - Clothing in my bedroom was disrupted and the light was turned off at the ceiling fan's pull cord rather than at the light switch. I never leave it that way. Someone has obviously been in the house. Again, the buglar alarm was set and it's been tested.

1/27/07 Update - Dead leaves were in the shower and the water was very slow to drain. I'd just cleaned the drain in December but had to do it again this morning. I found lots of dark colored hair was choking the drain. My hair is bleached light brown. The surgical tweezers I use to clean the drain were missing from their place too. Guess the Goon who showered needed good tweezers. Slime bags...

1/29/07 Update - Boxes were moved in the home studio I use to produce my public access television shows within the last 24 hours. Hank and Will have my marketing notes, maybe they brought a look alike in to produce the clips I'd outlined. They have the video expertise to do it. Items in my bathroom were also been disturbed again, a dirty Goon may have showered.

It's like putting down a half finished cup of coffee. You don't consciously remember how much you had in the cup but if you pick up the wrong cup you know it's not right.

Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Zone 2 Will Not Investigate

Today I met with Zone 2 police officers, their primary
concern was what I had said to the people Down Town.

They did not seem particularly surprised or concerned
when I showed them the cut tee shirts.

They asked no questions or showed any interest in trying
to find out who was behind the threats and intimidation.

The Goon Perps who have the power to do this probably are
prominent citizens in the area, they may know who they are.

They told me to call the GBI if I wanted help with my email
disruptions & interruptions (this is a blow off, the GBI
does not accept direct calls from citizens, you have to be
referred from a local police department, this they were NOT
willing to do).

I want to prove who is sabotaging my business systems so I can
prosecute, they are not interested in helping me. The Goons
said they would slowly strangle my business, they are certainly
trying to do this.

When I asked if they had hacking connections for computer
crime resolution, they told me that sort of help was very
expensive and discouraged me from pursuing it.

One of the officers became very concerned when I said there
seemed to be a Gay connection and that many of the Perps
appeared to be Gay men. He said this was dangerous.

They asked if I was getting counseling as if I could be doing
this myself. ;-) I've heard similar themes before from perps
who asked how I can be so strong.

Breaking people's will is a Perp primary goal - see the Nazi
Soliliqy posting. Once you know what they want you don't give
it to them. Teaching a special type of rebellion is an important
part of my emotional independence work.

A Gay guy who once spoke very authoritatively about what was
going on said they are trying to discredit me and drive me crazy.

Who would have that as a primary goal? My former employer
concerned about whistleblowing? A competitor or someone
who is jealous, envyous or feels threatened by what I can do?

Zone 2 offered no constructive suggestions other than saying
they would add patrol cars to my area. Given the friendly
relationship that seems to exist between Zone 2 and the
prominent perps behind this, it is not much of a deterrant.

A lot of people seem to know what is going on. If this is not
stopped,their families, futures and freedoms are in danger too.

If they provide the information and corroboration to stop it,
they will help secure their own futures, families and freedoms.

Saturday, January 06, 2007

Bullet Holes To Buckshot

It started with a hole cut right over my heart in one of my corporate logo Polo shirts.

When I put the shirt on my bed, it was fine. The next time I saw it there it was an obvious hole cut in it and a dark substance that looked like blood was sprinkled below the hole.

This occurred before I fully realized what was going on. At the time I thought it was strange but I wondered if I had just over looked it when I pulled the shirt out of the laundry.

Files and other personal items were mysteriously disappearing, I sensed something weird was happening that didn't make sense.

Isolated instances mean little. Your thoughts and feelings change when you begin to see clear patterns emerging.

Bullet Holes To Buckshot #2

The second tee shirt was cut right after I repaired my garage door - see my Bullet Holes To The Heart posting dated 12/1/06.

I'd put a load of laundry in the dryer around 3:30 pm and left to run errands. This was the first tee shirt I pulled from the dryer around 10:30 pm.

All of the other items in the laundry were fine. If there was something rough tearing things, it would have affected other items too and damaged them randomly not just over the heart.

I checked the inside of both my washing machine and dryer to be sure there was nothing rough that could have caused it.

This tee shirt was in perfect condition when I put it in the washing machine earlier that day.

I'd set the burglar alarm when I left home and I locked the door. The Perverts must have hot wired the alarm system to get around my security system.

Buckshot To The Gut

A Goon appeared under awkwardly contrived circumstances to try to convince me this was caused by a rough spot in my washing machine, it wasn't! There were lots of soft turtle necks and other knitted items in the load that were not damaged.

This particular shirt was destroyed as part of their Death of a Dream pattern of intimidation.

Some of my under pants have been similarly shredded in strange ways, but I've not recorded each instance because they are harder to identify. It is certainly not in good taste to display photos of them. It would probably give the Perverts a rush.

A few people know it's been my dream to have a house at Seaside someday. Part of the Goon's sick perversion is a repeated threatening theme, Death of a Dream. See the Nazi soliloquy September 23rd posting that describes a similar perverted sickness.

The intimidation is conveyed through metaphors and between the line threats. It is said implied threats are often acted on more frequently than direct threats.

Donald, a Goon they sent to intimidate me (see October 10th posting) said they would slowly strangle my business and my life. That is clearly what they are trying to do, so far they are not succeeding. These are both very sick and very incompetent perverts.

Each Bad Break is being turned into a blessing. I am stronger, tougher and a far better competitor than I have ever been before.

Stealing My Digital Lock

Digital keyless locks must be very secure and hard to pick because the Pervert Perps stole mine last night! That's good to know, it may be one way to defeat their invasions into my home.

I worked past mindnight last Friday night 1/5/06 editing my public access television show. I wanted to finish it because I know nothing is secure in my house. I had problems with the video editing software and was too tired to continue.

I took the PC's hard drive with me when I left, but I'd fully expected the CPU to be sabotaged again when I returned. I'd hidden the keyless digital lock in a kitchen cabinet because I wanted to change the combination.

When I returned home this morning 1/6/06 around 8 am items from my kitchen cabinets where stewn all over the floor. Critical pieces of the digital lock were gone.

Surprisingly, my PC still worked. We've long though the Pervert Perps are competitors who have interest in my work. They may want to see my television show because I'm sharing some very novel and powerful ways to bring happiness and well-being into peoples lives. They are too stupid to come up with anything novel or creative themselves.

A security expert told me to put plumber's putty in all the exterior door lock key holes to prevent them from being picked. Only the front door can be opened from the outside. All the other windows and doors are carefully secured.

The next door neighbor I call Lodger was coming in by climbing up my back deck stairs, crossing my deck and entering my house through the back kitchen door. Now that there's putty in the key holes, the Pervert Perps must come in through the front door which faces the street. The Keyless Digital lock may help defeat their entry. All the other windows and access points are nailed or pinned sht.

We believe Loger is aided in his antics by two brothers who also live on our street. Their businesses have almost completely dried up, guess this is what they do for money. Despicable slime balls, what a way to make a living!

Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Harassment From Hank & Will

If a competitor knows your plans in advance it's easier for them to thwart them.

Recently my notes about a possible marketing approach were snatched from my backpack while I worked outside for a few minutes.

Today Hank walked up and casually described all the details of those plans, to let me know through casual conversation he had gotten the notes. Trying to make you feel powerless and helpless is part of the Goon pattern of intimidation.

Two middle aged brothers Hank and Will live on opposite ends of my street. Their businesses have dried up. They are buddies with Loger, another middle aged neighbor looser who was entering my house through my back kitchen door, see previous postings.

Will strangely kept nagging me about my memory when I was getting blasted badly with the electronic harassment device they have installed in or is aimed at my house. Whatever it is, it can be turned On and Off remotely.

We imagine it is similar to Raytheon's Silent Guardian see technology which fits with Donald's threat (see October 10th posting) that my "house would become uninhabitable and I would have to sleep in a Faraday cage." See for additional descriptions.

When people are working next door and the harassment device is turned off, my house is comfortable. You can feel the difference as soon as it's turned back on. There is a sort of radiant pain on your skin that is very uncomfortable. It's also disorienting, you suddenly have trouble thinking, remembering things and putting one thought after another. The symptoms clear as soon as you leave the house.

If I enter my house quickly and make little noise it stays off for a while. Then the telephone often rings with a spoofed caller id. If I answer, say "Hello" and identify myself, they hang up and then the blasting starts. It's uncomfortable and disorienting, but the symptoms clear as soon as I leave the house. So I work on laptop computers in public places.

The Goons have access to sophisticated, classified military technology, they probably have close ties with the defense industry. This should worry everyone...

Classified technology developed for the U.S. Government is in the hands of organized crime, hate groups, Goons and perverted perps of all kinds. Donald said they would strangle my business and my life, this is one way they are trying to do it. It can happen to you, your family or loved ones.

Who would have thought this sort of thing existed or would be used in this way? Once I understood what was happening, I now get out of my house quickly when the blasting gets bad.

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Website Hacked - AGAIN!

We offer helpful tips and insights by email from our website. People sign up by putting their email address in a small box on the home page of our home page.

Last week we noticed that ALL the html code necessary to make the link work had been removed from our site. This means people who want to sign up for our emails will hit a non- functioning link, a real turn off. The username and passwords to enter and change our Constant Contact account had been removed from my PDA.

The laptop PC we use to maintain the website is kept in our van. Keyless car entry systems are not secure, we've experienced repeated problems with thefts from the van. The Pawn Perps have been able to get past the burglar alarm system in our home office.

Another instance of their threats to try to slowly strangle my business. They have continually fumbled in the past and they show no sign of getting smarter.